Raymond Modesti

I started the International Belcanto Academy as I saw a growing need for a vocal fundament which allows the singer to produce a pure legato line, going through all the vocal passages “passagios” of the voice without switching gears, leaving the larynx relaxed and Raymond-Modesti.pngsupporting the voice properly at all times. Inadequate training and the results thereof are all too obvious with young singers as they have graduated from their singing conservatoires and then left staring at a gaping hole ……..the bridge of how to prepare yourself for an audition.

This is one of the goals of the Belcanto Academy, to help prepare the young singer in the most efficient way possible. Knowledge of what to expect at an agent or theatre is monumental! Singers already actively singing, not having had the basic fundament of belcanto singing are tragically vocally harmed as the years go by as they start noticing that infamous “hole” in the voice or not able to reach those high notes without resorting to quick fixes or other contortions of the voice. The goal of the International Belcanto Academy is then to alleviate vocal obstructions, and school the voice back in the most beautiful and natural way. Here you can find a list of vocal problems and solutions facing the career singer.

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